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November 21, 2011

So this has been an insanely busy week! It’s one of those crazy weeks in which so much has happened that I can hardly remember anything, even though I’ve made so many great memories.

It started with Halloween. I have always loved Halloween. The costumes, the free candy, the feeling of mystery and the crisp autumn air make it my favorite holiday. Elia, her boyfriend Rafa, Andrea and I decided to dress up and go to a late night horror movie at the theater in the mall.

I went to Elia’s three hours before the movie so we could get out costumes made.  It took absolutely forever to get ready!!!! We decided to go as zombies so we painted our faces white, put black shadowing all over to give our faces the appearance of corpses. Then we added fake blood for the wow factor. We turned out looking really cool. Elia was a zombie doll and her mom said that I was somebody who died from a broken heart.

We had an hour to kill before the movie so we looked around for other costumed people to take pictures of. We met a lot of fun and crazy people that way!

Then we went to watch the movie. The funny thing about European theaters is that you have assigned seats: they print you out a ticket and that’s where you have to sit. It’s so different! The movie itself was boring and I fell asleep 3 times partly because it was a midnight showing and partly cause it was a painfully slow paced movie. Besides that, all in all it was a great night. To make it even better, we got off school the next day since it was a holiday, so I was able to spend the day recuperating in my bed from our crazy night.

Elia putting on her zombie makeup


The zombie doll


Elia’s teddy bear was sacraficed to the halloween gods


Signs read “looking for people in costumes to take pictures with”


Costume picture!!!


Most delicious gelato in the world!!!!!
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