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Dia de Guiri

December 6, 2011

This weekend Elia,Cristina and I planned to have a “dia de guiri” where we walked around old Seville to gawk and take pictures of all the tourist sites that as native Sevillians they never get to appreciate. It was partly my idea but mostly Elia’s since she refused to let me go alone to the center of Seville again on account of my now famous ability for getting lost. Personally I don’t think I’m as directionally impaired as every one seems to think, after all I always find my way home eventually, but it was much easier being with people who actually knew where they were going.

First we walked for about an hour to have a picnic of bocadillos in a park. I love parks! They’re so peaceful to sit in and watch people talk and play. There was a little fountain that doves would fly down to drink from and bathe in. We threw them little pieces of bread from out sandwiches and gave them names.

When we had finished playing with and eventually terrorizing the doves we went to the paseo de castellana (which looked like a giant mushroom). It took us up in an elevator to give us an amazing view of all of Seville. I felt like I was flying!

After that I got an ice cream cone. I am still amazed by the deliciousness of Spanish icecream! I want to channel Pablo Neared and write odes to it.  I tried to share it with a horse but he didn’t want any.

Elia decided that I couldn’t be a true fake tourist without going to the Plaza de Espana. What she didn’t know is that I’d already been there on one of my many solo adventures where I got lost and wandered around for hours until I found my way home. But I have to admit it was much more fun going with them. We had to decide between renting a row boat or a 4 person bicycle, we went with row boat. There is a moat inside the plaza and you can rent a boat for just five euros!It was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done! There was a lot of laughing and bickering and splashing and crashing . We were so unbelievably slow, people who left at the same time as us had been to the other side of the moat and back by the time we got to the middle. Eventually we decided that going any farther was probably a bad idea since we were likely to capsize at any minute from all the crashing into other boats and the side of the moat.

After that we went into the castle and I took pictures of all the names and messages written on the walls. I know that it’s graffiti but I love it. It reminds me how many other people have been there before me, how we’re all bonded by that one place.

Cristina had to leave to meet up with another friend. Elia and I wandered around a little then found a book fair tucked away somewhere in old Seville. There were books in all different languages and from all different time periods. I loved it! I am in love with all books and to have so many stories, poems and words all around me made me dizzy . I ended up buying some old postcards with a picture of El Patio de Naranjas and El Catedral de Sevilla.  One of the postcards is dated 1929 and tells a story of best friends who took a trip to Seville. The card made me wonder if the friendships I’m making here will be lifelong, like that of the post card’s author. I really hope they are.


Acting crazy on the way to the center


Giant bubble!!!


Elia trying to feed teh doves


One of my favorite things about spain are these fire hydrant sheped drinking fountains – they’re so cool!


The mushroom


The view from the mushroom


Me trying to feed my icrecream to a horse


The view from the moat


Cristina paddeling


We weren’t going anywhere so Elia decide to paddeling gondola style


The grafitti that says “Let this stone be the reflection and reoccurence of the four years of our love and that which we have subtracted that grows our union in our inner space” the translation doesn’t make much sense but i still think it’s beautiful


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  1. Morgan permalink
    December 28, 2011 5:17 am

    I love the bubble picture and your boots are super cute! =)

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